Reporting Maestro and Business Report Designer available now on Temenos Marketplace

    Temenos, is a major banking software company. Headquartered in Geneva, Temenos provides a complete range of banking products and services to financial institutions all around the world. Temenos, constantly adapts and transforms its activities to meet the requirements of the market.

    To foster innovation and provide the best experience for its customers, the leader in the field, has set up a digital structure that brings together all the additional services required for banking software. A real breakthrough for consumers, this new Marketplace allows users to discover, learn and download new applications that meet their specific needs.

    Since the beginning of the year, we have had the pleasure of taking part in this project, and our integrated reporting platform "Reporting Maestro" and its customized report editor "Business Report Designer" are now available on this new Marketplace.

    You can also find all the information on our Reporting software platform on our website.

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